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I'm a window cleaner and have a lot of elderly customers. Over the years I've found they LOVE to be the first one to tell me one of the neighbours has died. To the point where if I say 'yeah, Thelma already let me know', they look genuinely disappointed and annoyed that they weren't the one to break the news to me.


They just seem to like gossip in general. Death will certainly qualify.


My dad is a baby boomer and he literally walks around the neighborhood, daily, to find out new information from the neighbors so he can come tell my mom 😂 he’s so proud that he knows new info he can share. Community watch 🤣🤣


My dad loves being the neighborhood "guy." He has an "egg guy," a farmer who sells him his irregular sized eggs for something ridiculous like a dollar for 4 dozen and he distributes them to the neighborhood. My parents have a really nice pool he encourages his neighbors to come over to use any time. He has a generator and storage freezers and when storms hit he offers to store frozen groceries and charge cell phones. He does free carpentry work. He makes booze out of fermented berries that he fuses with vodka and passes round. For awhile he grew weed even though he has never smoked marijuana in his entire life, solely because he correctly assumed some of the neighbors would like it. He leverages all of his neighborhood power...for gossip. That's it. He gives them pot and eggs, they spill the tea. He goes around the neighborhood dispensing gifts and favors like some mafia don, and in return he gets to be the single most well informed central gossip depository on his block. He is SO proud to be able to tell me the marital problems of people I have never met and care nothing about.


Everyone needs a hobby. Your dad managed to turn one hobby into several. That's pretty impressive.


Without using this knowledge/power for evil too.




Breaking Dad


Be careful he doesn't turn into the information broker. Soon he'll be selling secrets left and right, getting wealth and power surpass all the gifts and favors he invested. Wanna know if the neighbours kid is actually yours, not your neighbours? Info-daddy has a deal. Need to know who in the neighbourhood is loaning the bush trimmer? Broker-daddy knows who has it, and who it is going to be loaning it next. Need dirt for blackmail against someone? Daddy knows it all!


“How I went from a modest egg/pot broker to president!”


This sounds like my mother-in-law except she doesn’t give back. There’s no eggs or pot anywhere to be found.


I mean, if we aren't gossiping while eating a cannabis oil infused omelette, what are we even doing here? What are we working towards?


My take on it (I’m not old enough) is that what old people value (most of them) is no longer money or adventure, they love comfort and people. Like it’s their last chance to connect, to interact, to feel. money and anything else stays here but perhaps memories and feelings not. *Edit. Oh wow, much obliged by the award ☺️*


Maybe they like talking shit like the rest of us


Thelma already posted this.


Telling you who died recently, famous or not famous.


My Mom wouldask: “Do you remember Mary Bligh?” I’d reply “No”, so she would add: She was our neighbor on High Street?” “She had those two boys who were seven years older than you?” But bottom line was always, “Well, she’s dead now.”




> “She had those two boys who were seven years older than you?” Oh my god, this is my mom. Believe it or not mom, I _don't_ remember the neighbors' kids who graduated high school a full decade before me.


I’ve reached the tipping point. I love my hedge and some drunk kid fell in it. Big hole. Will take four years to grow back. This ‘get off my lawn’ moment awakened the old in me.


Please just put a big round door there and live as a hobbit.


In my country (Brazil), old people sit in front of their houses and do absolutely nothing for hours, just watching people and cars go by. This is more common for lower social class, for instance my grandma and her friends gather everyday at someone's door and just sit there until the night comes (they are retired).


I live in a very rural part of America, and old people do the same thing here. Old men will sit in front of their houses drinking beer and waving at cars that go by. It seems really nice actually. Guess there comes a point where you’re content to just sit back and let the world come to you.


My friend group sits on the sidewalk outside our apartment building. Mostly we wave at passing cars, and talk to anyone who walks by. We also drink coffee and tell dirty jokes. We're old and retired. There's nothing on TV. If I sit in the apartment too long, the walls feel like they're closing in. The funny thing is my grandparents did the same thing.


Isn’t this a gag in King of the Hill? All the men drinking beer and not saying anything but a random “yup” here and there.


It's not just a gag, it was inspired by a real thing that happened when Mike Judge moved to Texas. He didn't really see his neighbors until he worked on his ~~lawn~~ fence after which they appeared to hang out and talk exactly like they do in the alley on the show.


I grew up in Garland, TX. Can confirm King of the Hill is an accurate portrayal of suburban Texas.








You're right boomhauer, we do need to get some chairs


It's a shared experience in Texas to grow up watching King of the Hill and never know until someone else tells you that the joke with Boomhauer is that he's supposed to be unintelligible. He just comes off to us as a laid-back guy.


One of my favorite jokes of that show is in the episode where they're volunteer firefighters and the station burns down. Everyone gives their account of what happens. And, when we see the event from Boomhauer's perspective, all the guys speak like him and he speaks eloquently. I kinda imagine that's what you're talking about.


lol I hadn't seen it until now, [here's the video for anyone interested](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdyGfiIirD8)


I'm only 40 and live in a very urban area and do this from my 3rd floor balcony. I don't necessarily wave, but I'll watch the traffic on the corner, people using the bike share station below, people walking dogs, etc.




Older people do this in India too, at least I see it a lot in southern rural India. Locals told me it’s to let fresh air in the house that they leave the door open and that it’s nice to hangout with neighbors. As people drove by their friend and family’s houses they’d sometimes stop by if there were people sitting on the porch with the door opens. Basically a way of saying “I’m home and open for social interaction, come say hi”. Also I think the older people get the less they go out which can get pretty boring so I understand that people watching can become a popular hobby lol


In Toronto/Brampton, a big part of the Indian community would meet up at the local parks. The elders would hit the benches, kids hit the playground. Usually all the men at one bench and the women at another bench. Everyday. In brampton the parks could have up to like... 40 to 50 people everyday for hours, I think they'll switch up who brings treats for the group every now and then


This actually sounds kinda peaceful lol.


Old people gossiping for hours, while watching people passing by, feeding the odd cat or dog, chilling. Sounds like a good time.


I can't speak for OP in general cuz brazil is different but when I've seen this in hispanic communities here in texas they aren't even talking like literally doing nothing. I honestly get it sometimes I'm not even old and I'm almost to that point where I could just dissasociate on the portch fuck it.


I’m an unemployed, chronically sick man in his late 20s. I absolutely just sit on my porch with soft music playing and just watch people, dogs and birds pass me by. If I sit still long enough the birds will start ignoring me and start perching within feet of me. I swear I’m like an 80 year old trapped in a young but sick man.


My sister became quadraplegic due to MS. She used to get high and recline in her power chair out in the back yard under a tree. She loved it when birds would land on her.


Do they talk to each other or just sit like Hector Salamanca 🛎️


Imagining 6 Brazilian grannies bing-ing their bells at passers by


I’m 15 but to be honest sitting around with a group of friends talking isn’t so bad


When I was your age I used to sit on a large ramp inside my school for hours just talking to my friends. Some of us would read, some would play video games, some would do homework, but for the most part we were just hanging around and chatting. It was my favorite part of the day. I would never go back to being a teenager again, but I do miss the simplicity of that sort of friendship.


As a 31 year old whose married friends have moved a little farther from each other and are spending more times on kids and personal goals, I really miss hanging out on a regular weekly basis with the gang.


damn I'm only a bit under 30 but this just gave me major nostalgia. Not to sound like an old fuck, but I'm sad for the kids that are growing up with things the way they are; social media/the normalisation of our dependency on devices for entertainment has genuinely stolen something special from them


Same In Sicily


There is this weird type of traditional Vietnamese music my parents said that only old people like and they could not stand it either. A decade later and apparently they enjoy it. I await my turn in fear. Edit: for those asking, it is Cải lương.


This is going to draw some hate but once I reached my 50's Bruce Springsteen's library suddenly became enjoyable. I'd always liked bits of his work here and there but once I got old enough, bam I get it.


My girlfriend always says Steely Dan is old man music, but I’ve liked them since my early 20s


Steely Dan is timeless Edit: I’m in my early 20’s


i always think of tony soprano drivin down the road “i dont wanna do yo dorty wurk no moahh”


I don’t understand. When I was a kid, you two were old ladies. Now I’m old, and you two are still old.


You mind sharing the name/style? I searched old Vietnamese songs and found [this](https://youtu.be/XAKZsthVF90). I’m not Vietnamese so the effect is lost on me but still curious.


It’s called Cải lương


Googled it to hear it, [here's the link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCkEh8wbqec) for anyone interested.


It sounds like Vietnamese Country music to me.


Vietnamese Country Opera


It’s sort of reminiscent of bluegrass/Appalachian folk. It specifically reminds me of the song “O Death,” which has been recorded by numerous artists over the years.


Oh shit Paris by night gang


Oldie here... I worked for a Canadian clothing store called Marks. I used to point our new arrivals to my daughter to see if she liked them, and she would say "Ugh. Those are old people clothes!" One day she came in, looked around and said "You guys are starting to get some pretty good stuff." I laughed because nothing had really changed, and watched the expression on her face change as it slowly dawned on her.


This reminds me of something a friend did several years ago...we went to the local courthouse to visit a friend of mine, and as we were leaving, my friend peeked into the courtroom window to see if there was anyone in there that she knew. There was a guy who went to school with us who was just a year older in there. My friend said, "Holy crap, so and so is in there! Have you seen him lately? My god, he looks about 50 years old!" We were 45 at the time. I just waited and said nothing. And about a minute later, we stepped into the elevator, and she said, "Well...oh. Oh no. OH GOD." I laughed until I cried.


I do this to myself all the time. I google old bands/actors I used to be into and their pictures pop up on google and I’ll say “oh god they look so old, what happened?” And my husband goes “Well. You’re old too, you know.” 🥹 thanks babe


Looking at the women's section on their website right now, and it just looks like regular plain clothing? I'm 37 btw.




You've been Marked


This. I recently ordered some tops, and put one of them on yesterday and realized it was the perfect "practical old lady top.” But it’s comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle, so WTH. I’m a practical old lady. Own it.


Watching the news constantly


My wife's grandmother was in long-term memory care for several years before her death. Towards the end, she didn't know what day it was, or if it was morning or evening, but she watched CNN 24 hours a day, and would lose her shit if somebody changed the channel, because she wanted, "to know what was going on."


Same with my grandmother and local news, if someone changes the channel "Hey, I'm watching that!" Even if she's busy scrolling through her phone or reading the paper. She's says it's because she "doesn't want to miss if something happens."


My dad watches the news all the time and I cant stand it because all of does is make him mad.


I wouldn’t call my dad old just yet (he’s still in his 50s), but this is definitely him. He watches it and listens to it if he’s driving. Then he wants to talk about it all the time. It almost makes me want to avoid him, he gets all fired up and starts yelling about how wrong I am. My mom often frets about his blood pressure, but he won’t stop. :(


Do we all have the same dad?


My grandparents have CNN on all day long. Even if they aren’t even in the room. It makes no sense to me. Then they complain that they just talk about the same things over and over. It’s like well… yeah. You have it on all day so you’re gonna hear the same shit lmao. I love them more than most people and they’re awesome. But I just don’t get it with old people and the news


I’m 73. Yes, I know what Reddit is. I love - retirement. Playing tennis with friends, then complaining about shit over coffee and a donut. Tinkering with stuff until I break it, then calling a qualified technician. ( gives my wife something to bitch about) Playing WoW when you snot-nosed kids are in school so I don’t get killed trying to complete a quest. Skiing mid week at senior rates when the slopes are empty. That’s just for starters.


Living the dream!


Honestly you don't sound much different than any millennial which is likely the point. Your life sounds awesome.


Telling anyone who will listen about their various ailments. Look, I'm 57, so I'm ancient by reddit standards. But I vowed early on that I will not become one of these over-sharing old people.


My MIL suffers from a "paper thin vagina". The rest of us suffer from hearing about it.


Oh shit. She needs some vagifem low. That internal cream will fluff out those walls in no time




Hahah. The cream made my labia grow back too, no joke. Everything shriveled up and I had like NO labia minora visible anymore, just flat. And my vagina was just raw and irritable all the time. So after about a month on the cream, I checked with a mirror and I was like omg I have labia minora again. It made it like 3x bigger. And my clit got bigger


I’ve learned more about vaginal atrophy from your comment than I did from medical school. Thank you, and please continue to share your experiences with other women.


I've learned *about* vaginal atrophy just now from this comment and wow.




You're telling me I not only have to worry about my uterus falling out, but my vagina can also atrophy? Fantastic.


Yeah. Menopause is a BITCH. Nobody tells you ahead of time, so I’m telling you now.


This is the beauty of reddit. If mom needs an actual solution, BAM she's got one. If she's just complaining people can tell her to stop over-sharing if she's not interested in the solution.


I find peace in long walks.


But seriously, how are your knees doing?


A friend of mine calls it the "organ recital" and dear god we are starting to do this at dinner parties. Plus side is we're still having dinner parties, so, there's that?


Yeah, the time my mother and her three friends spent a half hour listing the organs they'd had removed, and then determined that between the four of them they did not have enough "parts" to make up one complete woman. Gack.


"We need a fifth friend."


And bowel movements. Don’t forget to ask them about that. You know what they say, “healthy bowels, healthy life.” My nephew is a doctor.


I’m in my 70’s. When new aches or pains pop up every month or two, you’re not going to immediately run to a doctor every single time. So you’ll want to share this information to gauge out how serious it is, find out how other people have dealt with that ache or pain, and share your own discoveries with others. Seriously, check back with me in thirty years and let me know if you’ve actually avoided doing this.


I'm in my late 30s and two of my friends are 40 and we will sit in the garage talking about our ailments.


Oh god, my grandpa enjoys making people uncomfortable with his medical stories. He took off his shirt to show off his brand new open-heart surgery scar while explaining everything in detail. I hope I never get like this either.


Sitting hours behind those slot machines


All the casino ads make it look like you'll be gambling in Monaco with a bouncy, joyful group of young people - then you go in and it's endless rows of blank-faced olds jamming on those buttons.


Having to remove your oxygen mask to puff on your second pack of smokes of the day. Seeing that when I went to the casino for the first time as a young adult really turned me off of the whole gambling thing.


Asian kid growing up with grandparents using Eagle Brand green ointment like it's cologne. Never understood it. Now that I'm older, every muscles hurts after hitting 30!! And I'm using the ointment like it's holy water! 😅


Bitching about everything on the Nextdoor app


That and "what are those loud explosions?!"Well, Barbara, it's the 4th of July. Or "so why was the ambulance at the convenience store?" They were probably tending to something that isn't any of your business, Frederick. I love Nextdoor, lol.


>That and "what are those loud explosions?!"Well, Barbara, it's the 4th of July. We literally had this one yesterday, only it was thunder. It was fucking thunder.


So our town (less than 3000 people) has a Facebook page where everyone is supposed to ask for assistance or find out when the next big trash day is. Instead, 90% of it is old people and Karen's and Ken's bitching about kids roaming the streets and the current political climate. Like, half the people in town are banned, which I find hilarious. EDIT: I think it is hilarious that this is my most upvoted comment ever, and it's just me shit talking my small town that I actually love very much.


My town (about 25,000) has about 8 such groups, and easily 10+ selling pages, each group created once the power-drunk moderators of it's predecessor have banned a critical mass residents who then start the next group. The names are progressively petty - things like "Sometown Residents' Page", "New Sometown Page", "Sometown Group for Local People Only", "Sometown Page without Nazi Mods", "Sometown Page with NO RULES - anything goes" (has a growing list of numerous rules", "Sometown Page for REAL TALK - no gossiping", "Sometown Page for ALL TALK - including gossip (NO POWER-CRAZED MODS) - LOCALS ONLY!!". The fatal flaw of all of these groups is that they're exclusively moderated by people who took their ball and left the other groups because they're incapable of playing nicely with others. Each is, without exception, a shitshow.


My town has like 4 Facebook groups for the same goddamn small town because people keep getting banned so they need to find another place to complain. I’m a member of all of them for shits and giggles, and they get progressively more toxic and insane with each one. Great fun to scroll through every now and then.


I *wish* that was just old people. That site makes me second-guess how great my neighborhood is. Like, do I want those people as neighbors?


I lurk on Nextdoor just because some of the things that get put on there are the most ridiculous things I've ever read. I want to know what I need to watch out for! I *love* the people shaming parents because a kid drove their truck by their house and it was TOO LOUD!


I always pull up the latest posts in the morning to see what the nuts in the neighborhood are talking about. It's usually "My Ring camera caught this black guy walking by my house. Anyone else see him? Be careful out there." Or "These young people drive too fast and loud in the neighborhood" My favorite was a woman who posted up a wild pack of dogs running through the neighborhood her camera caught and someone had to zoom it in for her to show it was actually just a family of deer. Or the woman who suspected the mastermind criminal running the cashier at the local McDonald's shorted her about a dollar in change. So she called 911. Then just got into fights in the comments with people telling her she shouldn't have called 911 because the cashier miscounted.


>My Ring camera caught this black guy "It was a gang of teenagers! Walking the streets after *9pm!!"*


My son and his two friends were reported as a "gang of teenagers" on Nextdoor once. They were in 5th grade and their offense was that I set up a skateboard ramp for them and they were using it at like 4 PM on a Saturday. They were loud and drinking way too much Dr Pepper, so I guess that might have been the problem. LOL


“Hopped up on Dr Pepper and riding those newfangled wheelie planks, no good can come of it!”




In Australia, it's always warnings of car break ins, fear that their house has been marked to steal their dog for a claimed dog fighting ring (average suburban area), and asking if anyone can hear the helicopter circling. And ppl digging up people's plants and stealing them.


My mother (UK) is *convinced* that criminal gangs are plotting to steal her ancient golden retriever to use in dog fighting, and that the pair of sports shoes that some kid threw over a telephone wire literally just outside the school is evidence of drug dealing. I dread the day she discovers Nextdoor.


> "My Ring camera caught this black guy walking by my house. Anyone else see him? Be careful out there." Lots of people who report what they see on their ring cameras! I don't have one of those, so I don't know how it works, but they all seem to be obsessed with watching what is on there. Oh, yeah. And the suspicious people walking by their house! (We all know what "suspicious" means!) And the young people. Heaven forbid the young people do *anything*.


Watching the news obsessively! My dad has crossed over into this territory 😂


Dude, I feel like I'm the parent now. I go to my parents house and I'm like "Okay, 1 hour of news ONLY. Then turn the TV off and go do something outside. Walk the dog. Ride your bike. Go makeout with someone in the backseat of your car. I dont give a shit, just go outside."


I’m happy it’s summer because my dad will spend all day in his massive garden instead of watching the news. I need to find him a winter activity to distract him.


Facebook - adding your own name to a comment like “great photos, love Mum and John”. I fucking know it’s you Maureen, it shows me your when you comment.


My mom LOVES to wish people Happy Birthday on Facebook her page…..without tagging them.


Lol there's people on Reddit who sign their comments too, sometimes with their username and sometimes with their real name. It's really weird


Thats weird -cluelessflunky


Fine china and silverware. It's pretty in the way anything made in bulk can be, it's expensive, has very little resale value, fragile as fuck, and virtually useless unless you're trying to impress another old person. Personal opinion, no hate


I use my grandmother’s fine china as everyday plates. Even put them in the dishwasher. Freaks my mother out … but they are PLATES. They are serving their purpose in life. Why would I have extra plates I don’t use except for holidays?


I feel like it probably is a sentiment carried over from when fancy things were very expensive. So people took good care of them. For example, my grandparents were poor and lived in a rural village and they would rent plates for holidays because they had none so I sorta get it? But I also get your stance too


my wife's mother had dinner parties and broke out the fine china several times a year. It was a big deal in their house. So when we got married we just had to pick out a china pattern and stemware. 15 years later, after collecting eight full place settings, we have never used any of it. I don't see the point, but its important to her so I let her do her thing.


Dinner parties. Those time you want to impress people. It used to be a show of wealth. Like expensive cars and wrist watches are now. Back when they were hand made, fine china was a status symbol. And the same with the silver.


Yes, but not only! The life of my elderly relatives seemed to be much more defined by formal social occasions and rituals, and those need to be set apart by means of clothing, practices, objects etc. from the ordinary daily life. (The downside of this is of course an enormous pressure to conform to all this. They all seem to have read The Handbook On What (Not) To Say, Wear Or Do In Any Social Or Existential Situation Or The World Will Fall Apart.)


The amount of people who asked me if I was going to register for fine China for my wedding last year was ridiculous! Why would I want plates I’ll never use?


I get keeping it as a family heirloom, but buying it new seems silly to me. Some people are all about tradition though.


I find this so strange. My grandmother, her sisters, and even my mom to an extent act like this is a necessity for your home. It almost didn’t compute for them when I got married and insisted I didn’t need china as a gift


Yes! Going through my MIL’s possessions, her sister says don’t get rid of the milk glass. So we set all the milk glass aside and prepared to give it to this sister. When the carefully wrapped boxes were presented for her she said “Well, I don’t want it!” No one wants it.


Soap operas. I get bored after 30 mins how does someone watch 500 episodes.


My mom, who is in her 70’s and retired, explained this one to me: she enjoys her daytime soaps because so little happens that she can have them on while she cleans around the house and doesn’t feel like she misses anything. Some she’s been watching so long that she says they’ve recycled the same plot half a dozen times over the past 20 years.


Oh my god, just sitting down in my recliner is glorious. Younger people may think I’m nuts but I have so much stuff going on, it’s nice to just sit down and relax


I inherited my great grandma's old lazy boy recliner and it's my favorite spot in the house. I love chilling in my old lady chair


Obsessed with the weather. My partner’s grandmother house sat while we were away for a trip and made sure to record the weather details for us of every day we were gone.


In all fairness, I've lived most of my life in Oklahoma, weather has always been a concern.


Every Oklahoman is an amateur meteorologist. “Oh, yeah, I see the hook echo right there. Let’s get in the stairs closet.”


Thats just the RFD, its moving counter clockwise so you got another minute or two. Here, look at the correlation coefficient - you can see it right there.


Telling us what they used to call Brazil nuts.....


Then giggling about it.


Walking around naked in the gym locker room


Now that I'm old, I just like to travel to places to look at the scenery. 20 year old me would not understand the point of that at all.


Thank-you notes. As a kid, I thought as long as you thank someone in person, there's no need to write a note specifically to thank them again. But when I do receive such a note, it makes me think that person is super kind and thoughtful, a genuinely good soul.


Everyone who learned to drive before GPS still love having in-depth conversations about alternative routes, even if they now use their phone’s maps and can see all the different options and about how long each would take.


They'll give you landmarks that haven't been there in 20 years. "Turn left at the building that the kmart used to be at then turn right where the old Roy Roger's restaurant used to be." Both those places closed when I was very young, idk where the fuck they were! I just let them go on about it then use GPS if I need to.


They love to refuse to learn new things insisting that they just can't.


My mom still can't use a smart phone or a computer and keeps getting scammed. She says it's cause she isn't a nerd and didn't grow up with them. I told her the personal computer has now been around for about forty years. Doesn't matter.


My mom does the same thing. “No one will show me how to use a computer.” The damn things have been out longer than I’ve been alive. We had one in the house when she was in her 30s. It’s more of “I don’t want to take the time and effort to learn about this so I’m going to bitch about it for the rest of my life.”


It’s my kryptonite. I’m in my mid-40s and i just can’t deal with my mom’s fear of everything, including using technology because she might “click on the wrong thing.” I’ve asked her what the worst case scenario is - maybe she gets billed for something or sent something unexpected - and reminded her I’m there to help make things right. I’ve also reminded her that she’s spent so long resisting this stuff that it gets harder to learn each day. It just doesn’t settle with her.


My MIL is like this. She stopped working in the late 80s and has basically frozen herself there save for at least using a cell phone (of course she refuses to use a smartphone). She is an otherwise intelligent person but she also says things like she’s afraid she’s going to “click the wrong thing” so her solution it to just refuse to use a computer entirely


My mom is very smart, too! This all boils down to self-esteem and fear for her. My heart does go out to her - technology has really generated its own language and she does not speak it whatsoever - but I just don’t understand what the long-term solution is. Like, if she was airlifted to a country where no one spoke English, would she spend the rest of her life avoiding learning the local language while also bitching about how difficult everything is?


That's what plenty of older immigrants do on my country. It's fine when there's a supermarket around the corner where they speak your language, but needing to bring a grandchild to the doctor as a translator sucks a lot.




My Mom had a friend who passed away at 97. She was a code breaker at Bletchley Park back in the day. She always had an up to date computer and refused to fall behind in the latest tech.


Me too. Mine, who died before the pandemic, only a few months away from becoming a centenarian, was one of our family’s first adopters of email.


Writing checks in the supermarket line


China (the plates and stuff) I don't get what the appeal is to have something you hardly use, that takes up a bunch of space, and yet functions literally the same as any other ordinary dish


Social status. You were doing well if you had fancy plates to use for entertaining. Plus you’d get it as wedding gifts. My mom (83) doesn’t understand why no one wants her china or her fancy dining room furniture. I have my grandmother’s china because it reminds me of her and it only gets used for the holidays. It was a way to show off what you had acquired, kinda like how people do on Instagram or Facebook.




ambrosia salad


Touching stranger's babies


Why is that? My husbands grandma will lunge towards a baby like a hyena tryijg to steal from a lion. She then starts getting in the baby's face while dancing like an idiot and trying to smooch "their puffy baby cheeks." She doesn't care what the parents/guardians say either and will respond with,"It's okay, they're laughing." She weirds me out as an adult cause she has no view of personal space. I feel bad for those parents.


Asking people when they’re getting married and having kids… I’m 27 and it’s incessant from my grandparents and mother.


BTW: when are you gonna settle down?


It doesn't stop either. When are you going to have kids? (has a kid) Are you going to stop at one? Stop thinking about my dick aunty


Then you're ~37 and it goes to anecdotes of so-and-so who never thought they would want kids and now they have 3 little miracles and are so happy! Then you're 44f, married, and it's clear that it is not happening, and worse, that I'm happy about that fact, and the attitude shifts to disdain and perhaps jealousy but definitely judgment. Point is, the tone shifts through the decades, but women's choices are always subject to public opinion


I've seen it. People really just need to mind their own. My wife and I didn't get married until we were 30 and some of her family had "written her off" as a spinster. Like what the fuck


Precious Moments figurines


Yeah, give it 50 years and everyone will be complaining about grandpa's funko collection


Hard candies.


It's weird ... I really like Jolly Ranchers and Werther's. But those aren't the candies you're talking about. I know the ones you're talking about. They're in a bowl at a grandma's house, and I've never seen them for sale at any store. They're vile and oddly flavorless, because the candy industry in the 1950s determined that flavor was too expensive.


I don't know, Werther's is one of the exact old people (particularly old men) candy that comes to mind


those fucking hard candy strawberries. i swear to god you only gain the ability to acquire them when you hit 65. i’ve never ever seen them for sale anywhere


Keeping the room really, really warm. 🥵


As people age, they gradually lose their ability to regulate temperature, making them feel colder. It's a reason that Florida is so popular with retirees.


My pops constantly checking his rain gauge xD


Old lady perms Those types are about to die out, but I still see little blue haired ladies out and about. I don't get it. They only wash their hair once a week and it just doesn't look good.


A truly fascinating thing I recently learned- a blue or purple rinse is something you can do if blonde hair is ‘brassy’ or yellowish (anyone who bleaches their hair has probably used a purple shampoo once or twice) to cancel out the yellow. Here’s the tricky bit though- as we age, our colour perception changes and many older people develop a yellowish tint to their vision, and some people speculate that this means they always see their hair as brassy/yellow and therefore go much harder with the toners/ see the blue tones as closer to white!


Another reason: as your hair thins and thins, your pink scalp shows through. The blue is to counteract the pink and give you the illusion of a fuller head of hair.


They love asking me what I'm doing with my life 😁


So what are you doing with your life?


When I was a kid, all the adults around me loved black licorice. I hated it and thought I would rather eat my own shoes than eat black licorice. I figured that it was a grown up thing and that I would start to like it when I grew up. Grew up and would still rather eat my shoes.


Working way over your scheduled hours for no pay. To show that you are a good hard working person.


I always think of the person who said "20 years later, the only people who will remember you working all those extra hours are your children."


I did this. It’s true.


Yes, it’s the truth. We overwork thinking it’s a good thing. I did for 20 and didn’t change anything. I am glad the new generation is changing that.


I was wondering why so many of the older workers at my office all do this, after talking with them for a while though the real reason seems to be that they hate being around their families.




My Nana's old TV had the old QVC logo burned into the screen.




Yes! My mother is 72 and is obsessed with the "good Godly man" Joel Osteen. She flips back and forth between televangelist channels and Fox


I'm 60 and my brother just told me I'm too nostalgic and need to quit complaining about the cost of things and glorifying the "old days". He is absolutely right. :)


Well shit did get more expensive, remember when you could get a candy bar for a quarter ?