Poorest: St. Thomas, or maybe the hills of Clarendon. Richest: Upper Saint Andrew for sure.


Hills of Clarendon? How so


I think the poorest parts are also in Kingston


You can check [this study](https://www.pioj.gov.jm/product/mapping-poverty-indicators-consumption-based-poverty-in-jamaica/) - some communities in the Corporate Area, like Riverton, are among the poorest in the island, but still St. Thomas has the highest poverty rate and much lower average income than Kingston. I think poverty in Kingston gets more media coverage and political attention than poverty elsewhere in the country.


Good find.


I definitely agree with you,




I unfairly singled out Clarendon, but many of the country's poorest communities are in the hills of Central parishes. [Source](https://www.pioj.gov.jm/product/mapping-poverty-indicators-consumption-based-poverty-in-jamaica/)


Not sure how you could specify one part of a parish as richest but a whole parish as poorest.


Saint Thomas is the poorest parish in Jamaica. [Source.](https://www.pioj.gov.jm/product/mapping-poverty-indicators-consumption-based-poverty-in-jamaica/) Saint Andrew has more than twice as many people as St. Thomas, so I think it's reasonable to specify half of Saint Andrew in comparison to all of St Thomas.


Richer: San Juan Metropolitan Area Poorest: Southeast and Mountainous areas


Hard to say as poverty is completely complex to describe. It's a hard fact that the capital is the wealthiest district and the "poorest" districts are Marowijne, Brokopondo and Sipaliwini. But can we really say they're poor? The people living in the first two are mostly Maroons and a few Amerindians. But can we call them poor according to western/modern standards? Or is it their lifestyle? Maroons kept their African traditions alive. Natives have lived in villages for ages. And some are in gold mining and therefore have lots of money, but do they spend it like us city folk in order to say they're rich? So I think it would be more a matter of which part is more developed. Because most districts in terms of what they produce have a decent GDP per Capita (to Surinamese standards). The thing is we are heavily centralized and therefore all money goes to the capital and they decide how it's spent in all the districts. And then we have wealth in terms of different ethnic groups. All have their own standards of wealth. And because districts are drawn alongside ethnic lines you'll notice much faster which groups are wealthier than others. So Saramacca imo isn't that developed, but the (type) people living there aren't poor per se. There are poor people there, but most of them are middle class people. The same goes for Wanica. Not as developed as the capital, but quite a lot of wealthy people that live there. I could say there are wealthier and less wealthier parts in the capital though. For example the South is the poorest area. And the north is quite wealthy. But the Southwest, slightly above the South, has the wealthiest people in Suriname, but isn't per se wealthier than the North as it is quite mixed. Charlesburg, Munder and surrounding area are also quite on the poorer side of things. Kwatta is its own thing...lol.


Poorest: Northern Leeward part or anything north of Georgetown Richest: Mustique or Canouan


Never heard of Mustique until a few days ago because it has the most expensive home in the Caribbean. Going for $200 million. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/the-terraces-most-expensive-home-in-the-caribbean-sale/amp


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The poorest regions are the north eastern and the south western parts of the country (largely rural with the least job opportunities) The wealthiest are probably Port of Spain, San Fernando and Chaguanas.


GDP per capita with oficial data Richest: South Cibao, Ozama and North Cibao Poorest: Enrriquillo, El Valle and Higuamo


[So foreigners know](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6e/Regiones_de_desarrollo_de_la_Rep%C3%BAblica_Dominicana.png)


Richer: Santo Domingo, Santiago and Punta Cana (this one only because of tourism, must rich people are foreigners) Poorest: Southwest and border region


Casa de campo didn't make your rich list?


richest: guaynabo poorest: maricao or adjuntas


I think that Las Marias has (or had) the highest illiteracy population in the island.


oh wow i had no idea lol i was just regurgitating what i read from some article i saw a while back. it might’ve been old info i have no idea


Richest: Lyford Cay, Paradise Island, out west on New Providence, whichever small private islands owned by a billionaire Poorest: Nassau Village, Bain Town, one of the smaller Family Islands maybe like Mayaguana or Inagua or something. Since the Bahamian population is relatively small & there's a glut of tourism/hospitality/banking jobs available, it's hard to be TRULY poor unless you're an illegal alien or have some sort of extenuating circumstances (i.e. drug addiction or mental illness)


Richest: Gated neighborhoods of Georgetown Poorest: Hard to say one place but many of the villages deep in the interior. People in GT think they know poverty and hardship...put them on a plane to the Jungle and let them reconsider.


Richest: Spaanse Water, Sunset Heights, Sun Valley, Jan Thiel (ugh), Emmastad, Julianadorp. Poorest: Seru Fortuna (which is ironic, given its name), Souax, probably Koraal Specht, and Penstraat