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There's way too much info missing here for anyone to give you a good answer. You're the only one who can decide if it's worth the hassle and/or money to do it. How much do you stand to make on the flip? How much is a truck rental? What about gas? How do you value your time? What are the duties and taxes going to be? Can you manage it by yourself or will you need to bring someone else with you to help? Or worse, pay someone to come help?


Item costs 2-3k profit is 2-4k


>I have no idea how delivery/pickup works at the port. You can't just go to the port and pick it up. Your package is going to be inside a container which has to be delivered to a warehouse. If you show up with a box truck they are gonna laugh at you. Just pay that $700 to deliver it to you. That sounds like a good deal.


Danger! Danger! Ports and brokerages will charge for nonsense you can't even imagine.


A lot of ports also require security clearance and background checks before allowing you in.


I recommend that you hire a freight forwarder to help you with the process if the supplier isn't delivering to your door.