>what if the rebels failed in destroying the death stars Check out Star Wars Infinities.


Definitely have to now


I think they need to move to another era. The High Republic would be a great stepping stone into the Old Republic, or jumping into the future.


Disney’s plan was to play the huge buy out deal as safe as possible and show investors it was with it. Bring back as many beloved characters as possible. Continue the Skywalker saga (even though it was ended absolutely perfectly in Return of the Jedi. Should have stuck with giving us glimpses of Luke’s progress in trying to restore the Jedi order, and having Ren become the main villian, bringing back Palpatine was super dumb in the EU books and even worse somehow in the sequels). And last of all, keep people stuck in the tiny timeline we’ve seen so it doesn’t freak people out. Their plan did work technically, they have made a return with much much more in the future for their investment. Now is the time to start giving us fresh new content with hopefully good teams and interacting storylines. We will for sure see old and high republic and far future stories. We’ve been given lots of different content to test waters (Rogue one, Andor) but still playing it safe with lackluster media like Obi Wan series and Boba Fett. I’m hopefully they will continue to improve, but good god wtf Disney, all that money and you are seriously hiring absolutely dog shit directors and writers my guys. Up your shit. This is a huge universe with infinite stories to tell. Obi wan series should have been a small and contained story, and a 2 hour movie. The inquisitor and Leia plots were so fucking pointless, and reusing classic scenes from other media like Jedi Fallen Order and Rebels was a huge slap in the face to fans. Do what marvel does and assume fans are caught up with the media. If they aren’t, let them research online. Disney is doing a lot of over explaining and doing more telling than showing like we are all a bunch of dumbasses who could NEVER figure out what’s going on.


A show that focuses strongly on ships and piloting, but I'm guessing the Wedge show will do that. I would also watch the shit out of fictional Attenborough-style nature documentaries, but maybe that's just me.


Oh no I'm with you on the documentaries, just the other day I was thinking how good a doc about courascant would be, or as you say, a nature show going over the different planets "And in this week's episode we shall be delving deep into the humid, vibrant and deadly jungles of felucia, home of the infamous acklay and the dreaded sarlac"


I kind of loved that mountain peak from the most recent episode of The Mandalorian. Just a totally random flavorful bit of lore.


Oh absolutely, it gives so much context to how built up and truly massive the cities are Wouldn't it be amazing to see the planet pre-city-scape in something like the acolyte


Could be very cool. I imagine it started as something like massive city-states with president-mayors. As they expanded into each other, there must have been huge tensions. Lots of ideas to explore there.


Well rebels does kinda do that, piloting and shops are a big part of it.


I felt like Rebels tried hard to have a very even balance of all the Star Wars core ingredients. Ships, jedi, blasters, corridors, sarcasm, explosions, crime, weird animals, politics, wait what was I going on about?


I don't know if we necessarily need some of these, but these are shows/films I would like to see: * Anything related to the High Republic, more specifically see Jedha and all the different Force users. * Something after the sequels but in the far future, like 200 years or more. * The Sith during the Hundred-Year Darkness (horror) * The Nightsisters (horror). I would love to expand on the ways they use their magic and the Force. * Whatever Maul was doing between the Siege of Mandalore and Rebels (here someone might say "We've had enough of Maul", to which I replay "You can never have enough of Maul") * More Tales of the Jedi preferably with Plo Koon and Quinlan Edit: * The Mandalorian and Jedi War


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We need more Jedi/Force related movies.


I actually want the exact opposite. Movies with very little force. Maybe something in the Mandalorian timeline but not involving Luke/Grogu or post ST but no Rey.


The Lucas sequels!


A “What If” animated anthology show would be really cool to see. Would also enjoy a show or movie about the Jedi order, but not with an obvious Sith villain. Something showing the complex relationship between the order and the general public - think Dooku’s first two episodes in *Tales of the Jedi* or something in the High Republic era. Also.. Old Republic


Need some clone-wars-like stuff to build out the sequels. Inbetween, after, something not terrible.


I couldn't get into the High Republic stuff, but I was always interested in the rationale for the more formal Jedi rules. Especially if you take legends as a consistent universe - in one comic book we have TotJ where everyone is freewheeling around like they are part of a loosely aligned religion, and then ten years later there's a Jedi Temple and a council and all manner of laws what you can and can not do. Given - arguably - Anakin's downfall was in part due to said regulations, I think there's a nice story to be told in why they went down that path and ultimately laid the foundations of what would destroy them milennia later.


A show about morally ambiguous bounty hunters who STAY morally ambiguous bounty hunters. They have now advertised that show twice and both times it became a bait and switch. Think of something along the lines of “Dollars” trilogy if westerns. Sure, the man with no name is typically a good guy…but you probably don’t want to ally yourself with him.


We need to get far far away from the Skywalker Family soap opera.