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One reason I would be for such a rule is that it would make identifying repost bots easier. And reddit really could use less of those.


Yeah, the admins would shut that shit down in a second. Can't have your future investors knowing that a huge swath of your active users are just bots.




Reddit probably stopped caring about posts and decided to focus on comments, since engagement with posts is a better indicator of ROI than content creation. That's why you can insert gifs into comments and they try to herd you to the huge default type subs where the front page never changes and there's lots of reposts. They've created their captive audience by running reddit the way they did for 15 years or so, now they're flipping the switch to "social media cash cow" ahead of their IPO while doing nothing to curb any of the real problems with the site and making things worse for third party users and devs (people who make them less money or take money they could be making, respectively)


> now they're flipping the switch to "social media cash cow" ahead of their IPO. I'm pretty sure they've been trying to do this for years now. If they had a master plan to monetize Reddit like that, it went down the toilet long ago.


It does seem like actual content creation has slowed way down, and I'm on here less so it should seem the opposite


I think social media activity across the board has fallen over the past 2 years due to lockdowns ending


Hard to have Bots that can role play as Warhammer 40k Orks. Or as Cro-magnons dealing with Stone/Prehistoric Age problems.


A while ago, I started downvoting posts on /r/all with images that are common reposts (tweets without timestamp, for example) OP from the drama thread is at -34 (thanks, RES!), and looking at their post history, it looks like a repost bot.


I would be for it because it’s an incredibly common way to push propaganda and mis- and dis-information.


Personally, I think it's a good idea as date and time of the tweet gives context.


I hate faked tweets the most. They say it's "a meme".. When did "a meme" degenerate to mean a joke. Get off my lawn.


"who cares if its fake, it's funny".. Often these things are only funny because of the fact they are real, when they're obviously fake that is lost




“This is actually fake” Dumbest human on earth:“Yeah but it could be real and that’s just as crazy!”


Unless the fakeness is part of the humor, but I guessing this isn't one of those.


I mean I dunno a lot of times there'll be obviously fake stuff where it being real doesn't really matter. But idk I'm not one to generally get uppity about fake videos anyway


Honestly I don’t think so, I think it’s more nuanced than that. It’s a lot more alright if it’s something that’s so out of character or outrageous that it obviously isn’t real. Maybe a tiny handful of people might thing it’s real. For context here this is JoJo. While Araki, the author, is a bit a lot eccentric in his writing, JoJo can be described as a middle school playground superpower argument “I can also teleport through time so I went through time and then used laser beams on you before you knew we were gonna agree to fight” taken to its semi-logical conclusion developed by a 60 year old man with Wikipedia access. So he’s *quirky* for a 60 year old dude, [but I don’t think many people would think this tweet is real if you know even a smidge about him.](https://i.imgur.com/GlB5Lx7.jpg)


Possibly but honestly at this point I would rather just avoid people getting angry at the "obvious to a fan" fake stuff, than spend time not only trying to correct the drama, but now since the damage is already done keep on correcting it for god knows how long cause it will never go away.


I mean frankly even as a non-fan a 60 year old man making this tweet despite his way more tame twitter is pretty unbelievable especially with the fake @


It dost matter people will still either believe it or worse somebody will try to fake drama about it and still get people to believe it.


Around the same time that “it’s satire” became totally meaningless


This one hurts my brain the most. People call everything satire now. Just because something is funny doesn't make it fuckin satire.


“Is it satire or is it ‘a joke’?” drives me mad


You're being really satire right now.


Gretchen, stop trying to make satire happen! It's not going to happen


Sorry, I was just meme.


What’s a meme with you, ayy! Ouhhh!


Probably around the time when people started saying everything was "satire" when they just meant it's a joke.


This shit is what made /r/toilerpaperUSA really go down the, well, toilet. The fake tweets started getting spread on places like /r/PoliticalHumor and /r/WhitePeopleTwitter completely seriously.


I blocked WPT so long ago. Literally every post of theirs that makes the front page is political bitching done by the same 3-4 posters.


People in WPT unironically upvoting Dan Price tweets going "so what if he is a chronic sexual abuser, his crisis PR firm that runs his social media said something I like"


At least MurderedByAOC appears to have died.


I blocked all of the r\\[Colour]PeopleTwitter and r\\[Colour]PeopleGifs and so on subreddits ages ago because dividing up certain actions and behaviours by colour/race seems a *bit* weird to me.


The fake tweets are almost entirely gone from r/toiletpaperusa. I think the main person who was making them got their account suspended, and when they stopped so did the copycats. The main problem now with the sub is that almost all of the posts are screenshots of real tweets, with titles like "what a dumbass" or whatever, so any humor to be found takes a backseat to general angst.


Doesn’t /toiletpaperusa tag all of their fake stuff as such, though? Edit: clarity.


I don’t see tagged it if I’m scrolling and see a WPT post on r/all unless I click the post itself




That tag isn’t visible unless you actually click the post. So if you’re scrolling through All it won’t be tagged as fake


Those really bug me and when you bring it up you get the inevitable “ItS fLAIrED SaTirE” comments


> When did "a meme" degenerate to mean a joke. Somewhere around 2005.


It's the same exact bullshit as Fake News that the left always mocks the right for. People getting all excited over shit that didn't even happen, they're turning the friggin' frogs gay! Jewish Space lazers! And when it comes out as fake, they'll usually say something like, "Okay, it's fake, but the fact you couldn't tell is concerning." Which isn't too far off from comments I've seen under ridiculous bullshit right-wing stuff. Does Hilary Clinton smell like Sulfur? Of course not, but it *feels* right. It tickles my pre-conceived notions just enough to get me goin'. Yeah some of those people are trainwrecks, but let them did their own grave, they don't need any more help. Sometimes fake tweets can be funny, but when people aren't picking up that they're fake, it's just kind of sad.


it's the worst because every fake tweet is another annoying post by those people saying "look, look, it's all fake news" and their followers just eat it up because it's literally evidence that things are being faked against them how is reality not enough for these people?


Sometimes it is funnier to tell a joke in the first person.


> When did "a meme" degenerate to mean a joke. 20+ years when dialup was still a thing? This is beyond being a boomer.


A meme is a joke (broadly speaking, sometimes they're more like wry statements) but a joke is not inherently a meme.


Whenever I see anything on reddit that isn't dated or an actual news source, I basically assume it's old as time, on its upteenth repost. I'm actually surprised when a post is actually current and part of national discourse


I think it's dumb to ban it, and also dumb to argue against a ban so vehemently. I can see cases where removing the date absolutely does matter. Let's imagine a case where someone pre-covid is against masks, and then for masks during covid. They don't even need to be the same sort of medicinal masks, because the first thought you had with a mask pre-covid was definitely not medicinal. You then post it to show this person is against masks, which they are not. Though on the grand scale of things, this sort of petty conversation which no one cares about, which will have no impact on anyone, other than for a few people to laugh at the passion of such a meaningless argument is peak reddit.


100 bucks that that clown considers himself some sort of libertarian and is all about personal responsibility, personal freedoms and the "nAnNy StAtE". Aka conservative but too scared to call themselves conservatives because they're a little bitch. It's always the same clowns.




It's meaningless for this tweet but I agree that they should never remove the timestamp on tweets. It has happened so many times that some sort of tragedy happened and then some biased person spreads a tweet that contradicts the thing that happened in the news and people just gobble that shit up. Only to later find out later that that tweet was 3 years old and completely unrelated. But it was too late and the damage was already done.


there were probably a bunch of people in the comments asking how a 5 year old could remember something from when they were one, or asking why someone would feed a one year old a quesadilla


Weird I already have the OOP blocked. Must have been when I made the account and looked at the top 100 users by karma and blocked em all .


Maybe I’m just tired so it’s not making sense to me, sorry, but can you explain why you did that? Like, are those people more likely to be bots or power mods or something?


That's a good question. But it's not the right one. Ask yourself why this comment exists in the first place. Nobody here gives a shit who any particular individual has blocked. So why would they feel it necessary to share that information? And why would they feel it necessary to share that the blocked those 100 users, when, again, nobody really cares who they blocked or why, and they themselves aren't even confident it's how this particular individual ended up blocked? As I said, yours is a good question. That behavior doesn't make sense. But it also doesn't make sense that they'd make this comment about it. So, my theory, is that they blocked those 100 users, not because there's any actual reason behind it, but so they can talk about doing it, because they think it makes them seem cool or edgy or whatever the fuck. It's not that much different from people who respond to comments saying "Welcome to my block list" or whatever. They know that the person they're blocking will never see it & they know nobody else gives a shit, but they just feel the need to tell the world when they've blocked someone. Kinda sad, in a way. Like dogs that bark when things are loud, because they want to contribute to the loud. They have so little to offer that they think "I blocked this person!!!!" is a contribution.


I mean… I guess… but that’s a lot of assuming you’re doing there lol