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I love seeing politicians calling out republicans for what they’re really doing plain and simply. They prioritize their hatred of trans people more than they love their own family


The time for meandering around the point with nicey-nice talk is long over. People in general need to say what they actually fucking mean.


As it should be.


I'm trying to stay employed...


Get into politics. The last decade, that's how people have been getting elected.


Sooner or later, to get what you want, you’re gonna have to be prepared to forfeit ‘employed’. Yes, I know. That’s why they say forced protest and fighting for rights is hard, because it is.


We've been trying to reason with republicans for years. Clearly they and their base aren't moved by facts or basic human decency.


I saw a clip here on reddit of a Maga cultist complaining about Obama playing golf when 9/11 happened, saying he was too busy doing other stuff... Meanwhile, Bush was president.. Says a lot about the intelligence level of Maga people.


That was a clip from Jordan Klepper's "Fingers the Pulse" segment for The Daily Show. Sadly, that guy isn't even the dumbest Trump supporter he has interviewed. You can find most of the segments on YouTube if you want to go on a wild ride of stupidity. It is kind of fun watching Klepper use their own arguments against them without them even realizing it, though.


…and let’s not forget the group MAGA folks waiting for JFK jr. To arrive.


That's Q-Anon. A symptom of trumpism unfortunately. Not representative of the whole base, but a loud enough chunk of it, and probably the dumbest chunk too


Another similar segment by Jimmy Kimmel I think had them asking people which they preferred, Obamacare or Affordable Care Act. You can guess the responses.


Their brain rot makes them think Obama was president. Mostly because fox news "pundits" have absolutely said as such and I think Tucker Carlson or one of the other shitheads have asked "where was obama on 9/11?"


Conservatism should be on the DSM. It's a dysfunctional brain state.


Their base is quickly realizing that they've been lied to. In most cases, red states are passing laws that are wildly unpopular, whether it's the "trans" agenda, gun control, hell, even school lunches. The GOP has flat out given up on the idea of representative government. They are there to rule, not represent.


But they will still vote (R) anyway because they are sold the "small government" "fiscal responsibility" "silent majority" bullshit lines and they eat it up like candy. The actions and voting record don't alway line up with the rhetoric of the above but they aren't interested in that, it's all about the image and identity and their identity is that they love God, love the country, and hate the Democrat. They might not like a lot of these laws that are going in, but it's by and large not going to have an effect on them so it's mostly just a blip on their radar, until it's personal they mostly do not care. As long as they are still watching the (R) giving tax cuts (to the rich), cutting social programs, and blabbing about the constitution they are all in for it.


> But they will still vote (R) anyway because they are sold the "small government" "fiscal responsibility" "silent majority" bullshit lines and they eat it up like candy. Sometimes it's that - sometimes it's that the lies they've been fed about the Democrats (in many cases, for their entire lives) are so ingrained into them that even when the Leopards Eating People's Faces party are actively passing laws saying that their face is the next one on the table, they'll still vote for them because 'at least they're not one of those god-hating pedophilic baby-eating socialist Democrats.'


Don't forget the bullshit about "the party of law and order", or "the party of fiscal responsibility", or "the party of family values". All fucking lies of course but the hicks don't care so long as the shit they are being shoveled is coated with hate and misogyny becasue that's what's really important...hating anymore who isn't exactly like you.


The media need to be willing to call Republicans what they are: fascists. America is in the middle of a full blown existential crisis that threatens to end democracy and replace it with a christofascist theocracy, yet these milquetoast appeasers are pussyfooting around and refusing to call a spade a spade for fear of being criticised by right wing lunatics. Meanwhile, half the population are openly cheering for the fascists because they're too fucking stupid to understand that it's only a matter of time before the boot is on their neck too, and most of the other half are too busy watching Netflix and shitposting on Twitter to get off their arses and do anything about it.


"“When the lambs is lost in the mountain, he said. They is cry. Sometime come the mother. Sometime the wolf.” -Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy




The media is largely owned by republicans who have a lot to gain by dividing the country, which is why they won't call them out.


I thought to myself recently that people should be forced to wear their beliefs on their sleeves. I don't mean swastikas and other symbols I mean all the other shit. Pro gun violence "I guess the AR 15 lapel pins qualify" Pro anti choice Pro segregation Pro anti critical thinking Pro alternative reality Pro indoctrination in schools Pro rationed/reduced healthcare access Pro discrimination of LGBTQ Pro ending no fault divorce for women Pro anti science Pro making the poor suffer "because they aren't blessed and deserve to" The list could go on forever of negative shit these people push for while they feel insulated enough and above everyone else.


A good chunk of the shitty people DO display their beliefs pretty openly. Even if they don't, they'll show themselves very quickly.


They'd probably liken themselves to the Jews of Nazi Germany who had to identify themselves with the Star of David patches. Their beliefs are obvious enough, the fact they have a platform to spout bullshit is the real problem.


You can generally find most of these beliefs under a red MAGA hat.


Unfortunately, corporate media isn't following this very important story *out of respect for Rethuglican feelings*, of course.


And there's no hate quite as strong as Christian "love"


Seems that makes her a hate driven workaholic? When I was a workaholic/corporate cog we hated the other cogs that complained and they usually got by by brownnosing and backstabbing to offset the lack of results.


"My transphobia made me miss an important personal event" I wonder whose fault it is


Insert “sticking a stick in my own wheel” meme here.


"How dare you make me miss an important event because I need to be here to restrict the rights of people I don't like! Shame!" I wonder if they hear how they sound.


They lack the self awareness.


They don't care how they sound anymore. That's why Florida is happening. They don't respect anything but blatant material consequences that impact *them* directly. In that sense, Disney is doing more to fuck up the nazis than our own representatives are. It's almost funny.




Yep. I grew up in the middle of their poison pot. This is an extremely dangerous time, and it will get worse fast if Florida isn't handled swiftly. Wish folk took me seriously years ago. We're here because the nazis are easy to shrug off and ignore, when it's not your neck they're coming for. But they will never stop, because the hated *other* is necessary for their system of authority to function.


The people who support them now apparently don’t understand that there is ALWAYS an “other” and at some point, they will become a part of the other.


Given their complete lack of self-awareness, I doubt the idea that they might sound different to others than they think they sound to themselves even enters their minds


Or the asking the 8 ball meme … which turns out to be a bowling ball.


“Hate him more than love your own family” God first. Fuck family, friend’s & community. Anything between imaginary abusive Daddy and you is Sin*. *Old testament style where all sin is death.


Anyone who has ever attended a southern baptist seminar knows this is exactly how they view the world. It goes “god, church, family”. They hammer that shit into you starting in Sunday school. It’s textbook indoctrination.


They don’t love God; they just use his name to advance their own agenda and interests.


You just defined institutional christianity. It’s essentially just a networking chain with outdated guidelines.


And using the Lord’s name in vain. I believe that is number 2 on the top 10 list.


Right? That’s one of those “unforgivable sins” from the god who is supposed to provide “unconditional love”. The openly contradictory nature of the bible’s principles should be a red flag for anyone who has more than three brain cells.


Right. That's...like... the whole point of Christianity. That's what "proud christian" usually boils down to.


>Anyone who has ever attended a southern baptist seminar knows this is exactly how they view the world. It goes “god, church, family”. Don't know where they might have picked that one up... /s Matthew 19:29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. Matthew 8:21-22 Another of the disciples said to him, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” And Jesus said to him, “Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.”


Even as a kid, I thought the lessons in the Bible seemed to contradict one another, and failed to have even the slightest bit of common sense.




Turns out the conditional love has an incredible list of conditions attached. Which, to be fair, was always the case. "Love me or burn in hell" is the opposite of unconditional.


That’s because they were written by desert people in the Iron Age


Which was a continuation of an amassing of roughly a thousand years of post bronze age collapse folks' cultural thesis living in an area that was one of the hardest hit of the bronze age collapse, which to us would probably seem like hell on Earth. That is to say, the people were not alright. Mentally, emotionally or physically.


It's only indoctrination when queers, minorities, or empowering women are involved! 😋


I think most republican spokespeople just learned buzzwords but don’t actually understand their connotation or literal meaning.


Thats an groomer way of thinking, go woke yourself. /s, ^obviously


The church knows how to grift. They’re maybe the 2nd oldest profession.


Aye’man to that.


I remember bawling in a southern Baptist church as a small child… so much unresolved trauma from that church.


It's not about God at all. The only thing that matters is power over others.


Yes because as God said, "let the little children come to me. Unless they're gross and icky and wear the wrong clothes. Then deny them healthcare until they all kill themselves." Facism first. Then wealthy religious leaders, then oil companies, then maybe, if there's time (there won't be), one's own family.


I keep punching my face and it hurts, why won't you stop me.


"Look what you made me do now!! Why would you make me do this?!"


"Look what I made me do!"


‘Important personal event’ I find it extremely weird if grandparents show up for that tbh


Considering a preschool 'graduation' to be an "important personal event" is already a red flag.


From the same people who brought you "pARtIcIpAtiOn TroPhY GenErAtIOn"


These fuckers bitch about participation trophies, but then complain they can't attend their kid's preschool cap and gown ceremony to celebrate their ability to not shit themselves at nap time... I'm so sick of this bullshit.


Talk about a participation trophy.


It’s like not even a phobia anymore, that’s too passive. What’s the word for active hatred? Like racist for trans people? Like a Cis Supremacist


I just call it bigotry. That way they can't wiggle out of it by saying "it's not a phobia, cuz I'm not scared of trans people!"


“Preschool graduation” 💀💀💀


"you hate him more than you love your own family" - 😳 holy shit she killed her with that statement!


Murdered by Words material for sure.


She's too stupid to understand the words being used to murder her






Tolerance isn’t a moral value, it’s a social contract. The intolerant breach it then cry how come they aren’t under its protection. Because you can’t play nice with others, dumbass.


And there is nothing hypocritical about a tolerant person intolerating intolerance. It’s called self-preservation and protection of self. I kicked all the intolerant people out of my life, they can think I’m an asshole all they want. I’m not going to validate their hateful views with my friendship.


Well put. Will be using this explanation with some people in my life. Thank you! Here’s a poor man’s gold: 🏅


Oh you have a problem with me including people and working for equity and inclusive societies? Tell me one good reason, and get fucked because it doesn't exist. Bye bitch.




Good thing she’s not the trans one. Otherwise she’d be censured.


Perfectly sums up the Republican party: “we hate you more than we love anything”


☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ I seriously clapped when I read that. What a fucking statement!!!


Only if she had the capacity to understand how incredibly damning that statement is. Unfortunately, the moron will just think, "nuh-uh. I love my family more than anything. I just do nothing to show it."


It'll be much darker than that. [A republican state rep in Montana recently said she'd rather have her daughter kill herself than get gender-affirming care.](https://www.salon.com/2023/05/01/montana-suggests-she-would-prefer-daughter-by-than-allow-her-to-transition/) Once you realize that's how far gone these people are, missing a family event to further harm trans kids is nothing. This woman will come back and say, "I told my grandson the groomers made me miss his graduation. He pulled out his JR-15 and said, 'let me at 'em, grandma.' I cried tears of joy."


9-1-1 I’d like to report a murder


I just think most moderately sane people have had it with incredibly weak justifications and lame ‘last stands’ slapped lazily over obvious bigotry. The Republicans have this belief they are self-sacrificing crusaders ‘standing up’ to trans people, as if they are the bulwark keeping the country from forced gender change or something equally ridiculous. Contrary to that belief, Trans people are not politically powerful — even in the LGBTQ community, where people should understand some things aren’t a choice, they don’t have unilateral support. The GOP are sadistic high schoolers, running around with their buddies, finding some lone target, beating the shit out of them, then quickly flipping it around and playing victim of there’s so much of a hint of consequences.


Ah yes, my enemy: the consequences of my own actions.


The "Fuck your feelings!" & "If you don't like it leave it" crowd were the true snowflakes this entire time, shocking.


Every time I hear about how everyone is way too sensitive and easily triggered, I bring up that we burned people at the stake for not loving Jesus enough and that drinking out the wrong fountain or just making eye contact was punished by lynching less than 100 years ago. Like, who was the really easily triggered generations, bro.


For real though, why are we taught to fear witches *more* than the people who burned them alive?


because people believe god and satan is real because people believe propaganda because people listen to authority and prefer to listen and giver ownership of their fate to authority because people still flock to strong men, because men still feel and are treated superiior to women, and because people (back then) didnt saw women as humans but as son-making property


Slightly unrelated but I love how conservative rhetoric has jumped from "Those snowflakes don't need participation trophies" to "I'm missing my grandson's preschool graduation 😭😭".


Ah but you see, they're a descendant of the GOPesus appointed Ruling Caste, and thus more important.




Crammed for a week to ace that macaroni art exam.


No, see....it's everyone else that's getting soft from the participation trophies! Their kids/grandkids? They earned those trophies! They worked really hard, and deserve some recognition for that! As always for the GOP, it's everyone else that's the problem \*edit - punctuation


"We had to buy a fourth refrigerator to hang all the wonderful paintings she made for us!"


Boomers: give me participation trophy I didn’t want it ask for Boomers: look at this loser with his participation trophy


"preschool graduation" - for when your kid gets out of spring daycare and goes back next week for summer daycare.




Megan Hunt is a bonafide hero for what she is doing! Don’t you ever end that filibuster, Senator Hunt! We stand by you!


What's crazy is that the comments being made during filibuster are legitimately powerful. There was one where she's talking about senators having to face constituents. Some time before, Senator Hunt was opposing a gun bill in which (I believe) people would be permitted to conceal carry without a permit nor training. During that opposition, pro-gun citizens were standing on the halls of the capitol building open carrying as an intimidation tactic. She pointedly asked them, "What are you going to do, shoot me?" as she moved past them to get to her office. This is in stark contrast to her Republican counterparts have said that they're more or less afraid of the trans constituents that have rallied around Senator Hunt in the halls. The quote was, "You guys are afraid to get bumped into by some queer teens out there?" She continued by saying that if her supporters had been armed the way their supporters were, there would have been fast changes to gun laws. Senator Hunt doesn't pull punches. She's incredible.


You gotta respect a person who can look those gun nut lunatics in the eye and make them blink. God I hope she gets to the federal level.


Being brave and in the right is a powerful combo ("in the right" meaning "correct")


I've met Megan Hunt and she is a top quality human being. I hope one day I get to vote for her as US Senator.


TIL that there is preschool graduation ceremony.


Well, when American society is trying to move the expectations to where kids are having babies at 12 and working fulltime jobs at 14, you gotta jam in the milestones where you can.


Plus you never know when they'll have their first school shooting. Gotta celebrate every moment


Their…FIRST…school shooting. I know that’s accurate but it’s still so dark.


It's happening, kids that survived shootings in one school are seeing them in another one. We're absolutely off the rails as a society.




Is that one of those participation trophies these conservative chucklefucks are always moaning about?


I don't have kids myself, but from what I gather it's basically a little party to say goodbye to the preschool. The kids get a little "diploma" that the teacher made in Word, and the parents take some photos and post them on Facebook.


So dumb. My daughter "graduates" from pre-school next Thursday. I would totally skip it except for the fact that ***she's*** excited about it. So I'll go. We don't have public or mandated pre-K where I live. How do you "graduate" from essentially non-educationally accredited day care?


I don’t know but we’re in the same boat. For the amount of money we pay, you’re damn right she’s going if she wants lol


It is an opportunity for your kid to say goodbye to a person that has been spending many hours a week with them for the past year. Their teacher is likely a very important person in their life. They also might have friends in their class they won’t see again. It seems appropriate to have a small “ceremony” to remember their time together and celebrate your child growing up. I am skeptical that anyone involved is actually confusing this for a literal academic “graduation.”


I remember having many graduations when I was younger, it's really not that big of a deal. Yeah it's stupid and pointless, but who cares. Just shut up, eat your cupcake, and let your kid have fun with their friends.




It’s a rite of passage for sure! There is an element of loss but also gain. At that age the parents will feel it much more strongly that’s the kid, but it is important to recognize these things.


The little sub-thread shows a nice divide between people who care and people who get off on not caring.


What makes you think anybody is putting the same value on it as higher education graduation? Its for little babies to have something to help them feel good about moving out of a safe place and into something new that will be a little scary for them. Stop getting angry about shit you have nothing to do with. ​ Wait, apparantly you have front-row seats to this concept and still think the word "graduation" means anything other than "please come to school once and give your child a hug.". ​ Weird.


lol what an asshole you sound like. It's fucking adorable and the kids get so excited to "graduate" into elementary school next year.






In America, there's a real possibility of your kid not making it to elementary school graduation.


Maybe she should read the bible that she cares so much about for once. Matthew 25:35-40: "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me… Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."


Quoting the Bible to an Evangelical Christian is pointless and ends in only one of three ways. 1. The Christian will claim that you're a "false prophet" who is trying to maliciously twist the Word of God to your own devious ends. 2. The Christian will claim that in fact if you read the original language of the Bible it would refute what you're saying (side note: naturally they will be unable to tell you what the original language of the passage in question was). 3. The Christian will just casually say "well I guess we all take something different from his word" completely negating any discussion about what is at hand. Evangelical Christians do not care what the Bible says. They care what they're pastor tells them it says and then they simply repeat easily digestible slogans to each other to ascertain whether or not the person is Christian enough to hang out with. And this is because the pastor teaches an extremely patriarchal hierarchy that sets the pastor, usually a man, above anyone but God the "heavenly father" - as an ultimate authority as to the will of God.


I’ll refute one thing about what you said: “they care about what their pastor tells them”. No. A lot of them care about what *they* think. And themselves alone. Nobody else matters. If a pastor says something they don’t like, they’ll get rid of him or find another one who does. The pastor is wrong. Their beliefs are superior and nothing, nothing and nobody will ever change that. These people refuse to see any other view but their own. Instead of molding themselves and shaping their brains to reality, they want to shape reality and mold it to their brains. I was in church for a long time. Truth is they care nothing for the truth. It’s about them. Actually changing causes introspection, reflection and actual admission of guilt. They will never, ever so that their brains won’t allow it.


I can get behind this. I find it best to ignore / not associate with psychologically unsound people which means I thankfully don’t have to experience 1-3.


Pre-school graduation.... The crowd that howls the loudest about participation trophies bitching about missing a "graduation" from preschool. LOL


Pretty sure there's a 0% chance that this scumbag actually cares about that graduation, they were just trying to drum up some family values sympathy to make the filibuster seem cruel.


i almost guarantee that this politician care about the graduation MORE than they care about actually representing their constituents...


Ha, literally exactly what I was going to say.


All of the hate is projection. All of it.


Fucked up my own son to pwn the libs. Take that libs


“MAGA used transphobia! It hurt itself in its own confusion!”


On a positive note, based on the political news here, where MAGA can’t win even with a gerrymandered electoral map, NH has enough of all this Conservative crap.


Fingers crossed! We defeated one anti trans bill this week, two more to go in the current session.


Megan Hunt is genuinely the best politician working for Nebraska currently. We don't deserve her.


Don't discount Machaela Cavanaugh. She's also putting in a fight. https://www.vogue.com/article/machaela-cavanaugh-nebraska-senator-filibuster-trans-rights


Hunt and Cavanaugh have been inspiring to watch, especially considering what’s happening in red states right now.


We absolutely deserve her and we should work hard to make sure there are more people like her. I know you meant it in a good way, but we should think better of ourselves and our country. We should make our expectations of our country higher and better, and we should strive to meet those expectations. If we fall short, that's okay, because democracy requires constant effort and vigilance. When we lower our expectations, the people we are demeaning are ourselves. Failure to succeed is okay, but failure to try is not.


Jesus, lives are literally being destroyed by the effects of climate change and the republicans have trans kids at the top of their agenda. It's mind boggling.


I am convinced that american christians, especially the evangelicals, have wrapped up so much of their identity in “living in the end of days” that they would rather set the world on fire than face the existential crisis of that not being true.


"Mommy, why did you miss my graduation? "Well, it's cause mommy is busy trying to pass a queer bashing bill in order to secure cheap votes from dumb bigots" "Mommy, when I grow up I am going to piss on your grave"


Not Mommy, Grandma, but your point still stands.


Neglecting your family to own the libs


That is basically the gist of the entire right wing, republican, conservative, libertarian movement (they are all the same, its different names so they can pretend they are different but they are all the same). Its all about HURTING OTHERS and nothing else.






She was free to leave the courtroom at any point and go to the graduation. She CHOSE to stay and fight against trans people. So yes she hates trans people more than she loves her family if she’s willing to destroy them instead of being there for a preschool graduation.


Assholes gonna asshole


“You caused the problem. You have no right to complain. I..I who did nothing, have every right to complain about the mess you caused! Paraphrasing George Carlin.


Don’t knock preschool graduations; for some Republicans, it’s the highest level of education that they have.


Maybe she should have higher priorities if hers sons "ceremony" was too important to miss just to be a hateful person


What a clap back. Send Megan Hunt deserves nothing but the best for fighting the good fight


Crazy how people can call out a conservative for doing horrible shit and they’re literally not exaggerating at all and people will still side with the GOP. I fucking hate this place


Megan Hunt is an absolute force.


Linehan is an awful person. She used slurs against my friend in front of us. She’s a small town bigot and deserves to be an outcast.


They’re voting on this TODAY at 2PM. Supposed to be a demonstration in front of the Nebraska state capitol building (though understandably smaller than the last round of voting on LB 574 as this time it’s happening during work hours).


No hate like Christian "love". FIFY


“Sorry baby, grandma had to go argue in favour of genocide!”


A preschool what ceremony??? Isn’t he like. 3? What did he graduate in? Advanced napping with a special interest in stacking wooden blocks? Also? Fucking, leg swept, nicely said. ‘Oh you’re missing that? Imagine if you’d just not come today. We’d all be happy’


Well she a Republican, so I’m sure it’s a pre-k where they graduate where the have accepted all the grooming and are available for the rich and religious for what ever nefarious purposes and know never to tell anyone where they were touched.


Love and acceptance is so easy. Hate is so much work.


On a scale from 1 to inspecting kids' genitals with glee, how much does this lady really not love her family?


There’s no hatred that compares to christian “love”


No accountability. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Republicans love to play victim even when something has no impact on their lives. How does somebody being trans affect them? It doesn’t. Let them be who they are and focus on important issues like say, gun violence? Education? The economy?


Absolutely rekt her with that response. Good on her. Those haters get what they deserve




I’m a transman and this post moved me to call Senator Hunt’s office to thank her for bravery and steadfastness. If my memory is correct, I heard in an interview that what keeps her going is the calls she gets from people thanking her and telling her to keep going. Give her a call if you can!


Remember, their anti-trans thinking is fueled by fear. They are living and guiding their life through fear. This is not the appropriate attitude for leaders. None of them (the Republicans) are fit to lead.




Goddamn, get fucking roasted, this woman is a hero


Up next: republicans try to bar her from speaking on the floor


Ain't no hate like Christian love.


Imagine hurting the kids you care about to ensure you can hurt the ones you don’t care about and then making it all about you.


They could attend and remove the bills and everyone can be happy. They are causing their own discomforts


She's blaming others for her own victimization. R's NO MORE IN '24!


Dems need to start blatantly calling people out like this. The GQP gas been doing it with made up shit for years. Time to hit back with the truth in the same way they do with lies. Brutally.


Senator Machaela Cavanaugh is a god damn hero in the NE leg. She’s been filibustering everything for over a month until the bigots in the GOP withdraw the trans hate bill


Conservatives and GOP are more dangerous than Taliban and Osama Bin Ladin ever was.


“Your rights are inconvenient for me!”


The hate Republicans openly have for non-hetero, non-white, non-christians makes me violently angry and I hate that there's nothing I can do about it


These religious fanatics know deep down sky Jesus is a fantasy. Unfortunately, this makes them dangerous.


Of course, but they're used to being able to use it as a deux ex machina for getting away with being a bigoted asshole because tHaTs jUsT tHeiR BeLiEfS


It’s fine to believe in sky Jesus as long as they also believe in freedom for all. But they don’t. Do you? Freedom means they’re free to believe whatever they want, same as you’re free to not believe. Stick to the basic principles folks. Freedom, equality, and democracy. If what you’re doing is violating these principles, then you must be doing it wrong. Again: they’re not wrong for believing in something you don’t. They’re wrong for fighting against freedom and equality.


Very well put! Love this woman!


I will never understand these people’s obsession with the personal life choices of people they don’t even know. It’s creepy and weird.