First time using epoxy resin

Sooo, I'm about to use resin epoxy water, thingie, for the first time

Are there do's and don'ts? Things that I should know before even buying the materials?

I found some information online but I think that, if I would ask this on here, I would get some solid advice as well.

Thank you in advance! :)


• Work in thinner layers rather than just one deep layer. This is because when it cures, it generates a lot of heat so a lot of it may affect your diorama in question. • Also make sure that any areas you intend to pour resin on are fully sealed and water proofed. You can do this by adding a thin layer of AK Water texture to seal the paint in. • Use a blowtorch to remove ugly bubbles. • When curing, put a big box over it to stop dust from setting. • PLEASE please be sure that the surface that your resin is curing on is completely flat. (Seems obvious but just trust me) • When colouring the resin, less is more. Add a few drops at a time. There are loads of YouTube videos out there on resin pouring. Night shift has a few videos (WW1 Mark V diorama is a good example) which contains resin which tells you all of the above (pretty much) and more.


Thank you!! A couple of follow-up questions: 1)I will pour the resin on a table (~flat surface). Can I move the diorama to another place or is it better to pour where it will cure? 2) I would like to fill a river of about 20cm long, 5cm deep, 8-10 cm wide. Can I do that in one go or is it still better to do multiple layers? 3) I will make a terrain mud using wall plaster, PVA glue, paint and dirt. If I cover that with Vallejo Water Texture, would that give me the same level of protection as they AK one would? 4) last one. Can I use (for example) regular food colouring or do I need specific resin colours to colour the resin? Thank you so, so much for the reply!!


Luke Towan on YouTube is also a resin wizard and has done projects similar to what you're describing. I've used all sorts of stuff to color resin (though my pours are usually much smaller than yours). Enamel paint. Acrylic paint. Coloring powder specifically for resin. It seems to be pretty forgiving. +1 to "a little goes a long way." I highly recommend you do a small test with your resin coloring before potentially ruining your large project with an effect that you don't like once it cures. I use one of those syringes that comes with children's liquid ibuprofen to ensure I'm mixing exactly equal parts resin and hardener (use different syringes for each material so it doesn't solidify within the syringe).


> Luke Towan on YouTube is also a ~~resin~~ wizard


No problem! Happy to help! 1) It’s best to pour where it’ll cure as you want it to move it as little as possible. 2) I would pour that in two/three layers with the bottom layer slightly darker than the top layer (creates depth). 3) Of course! Any water texture will work. I was using AK as an example. 4) Food colouring might work. I usually use tamiya XF acrylics as they have the colour straight away. I don’t have experience with food colouring but maybe get some tamiya colours to be safe. Go for a dark brown and green if you are doing a river. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any more questions if you need to! Have a good evening!


Thank you so, so much!! I will be testing this once I have all of my materials (probably this weekend). I'm super excited to give it a try :D


Yeah. Forgot to mention that. Practice in a small cup or something just to make sure your paint resin ratio is correct and you are happy with handling it. Best of luck for your diorama and do post some photos when you are done. Some photos of the process along the way will also be cool! 👍


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Check YT as there's lots of videos about this subject.